Selenium WebDriver Java Framework Course Limited Time Offer for $20

Selenium WebDriver Java Framework Course Limited Time Offer for $20



Why Domain knowledge is Important for Software Test Automation Engineers

Software test automation has already become an important part of software development. No matter the software application is for a small business or for a big enterprise,  when an application grows in functional units and modules, manual testing cannot completely cover all modules in a short period of testing cycle. In addition, in manual testing, human error always exist, so we cannot guarantee that manual testing result is accurate.

When we complete automation testing framework for any software application, the framework can run on any environment repeatedly. In addition, we can integrate automation framework with some monitoring system like Grafana , so that we can display test results directly on a dashboard without logging into the test execution servers. Therefore, any software applications should have robust test automation framework.

Software Domain knowledge is important for Software Test Automation Engineers for the following reasons. 

  • Domain knowledge help engineers break big test automation projects into smaller modules for organizing packages in programming. 
  • Domain knowledge help engineers develop complete test plan for applications. 
  • Domain knowledge help engineer use subject matter expertise for test case development. 
  • Domain knowledge help engineers plan test data for positive and negative test scenarios. 
  • Domain knowledge help engineers understand business logic and workflows easily for any new application that is related to the domain expertise of the engineers. 
  • Domain knowledge help engineers create use case scenarios and diagrams using UML. 
  • Experienced professional certainly have the advantage of a domain and testing experience and they have better understandings of different issues and can deliver the application better and faster.