Banking Application Test Cases

Based on the Banking Application Data Model, you can create following test cases. 

As a System Administrator, the user

  • can create a new bank information 
  • can update an existing bank information
  • can activate a new bank
  • can deactivate an existing bank
  • can setup a Bank system administrator
  • can assign a user as a bank administrator
  • can delete a user from the bank administrator user group

 As a Bank Administrator, the user

  • can update bank information
  • can update bank administrator user information
  • can create a new branch information in the system
  • can update an existing branch information
  • can activate a new branch in the system
  • can create branch manager information
  • can delete an existing branch manager

As a Branch Manager, the user

  • can update a branch profile in the system
  • can update branch employee information
  • can create new customer in the system
  • can update existing customer information
  • can approve customer account request
  • can approve customer credit card request

 As a Customer, the user

  • can create login profile online
  • can update online customer information
  • can submit a new account request
  • can submit account close request
  • can order new checks for checking account
  • can submit credit card request
  • can submit credit card line of credit increase request
  • can send email to bank administrator
  • can dispute transactions
  • can transfer money between accounts
  • can send money to other customers
  • can setup bill payment
  • can make payment online
  • can update payment information
  • can check account balance
  • can view bank statements
  • can request bank statement history documentations

Back End Database Verification

  • When a customer creates profile online, the customer information should be inserted into the customer table. 
  • The system should store every bank transactions for a customer
  • Transaction log should have account_number, transaction_id, transaction_type, account_balance, and transaction_amount. 
  • When a customer schedules a bill payment, the scheduling system should setup a bill payment task. 
  • When a customer setup a new bill payment profile, the billing system should have customer_id, account_number, and bill_payment information
  • The system should store a customer login, account_activity, and logout information in the system.