Selenium WebDriver Java Framework Course Limited Time Offer for $20

Selenium WebDriver Java Framework Course Limited Time Offer for $20



Selenium Master Team Members

Selenium Master values team effort in software development and testing. All team members of Selenium Master is highly skilled in test automation with QTP, Selenium, Jmeter,and Load Runner. They are experts in test plan creation and test management with Quality Center, QAComplete  and Jira. 

Name: Dolkun Tursun

Role: Founder & Senior Test Automation Engineer

Expert Area: Project Management, Test Plan Management

Selenium Automation, QTP Automation, Robot Framework, Performance Testing

Website Design, Group Training


 Name: Choudhary

Role: Senior Test Automation Engineer (Remote) 

Expert Area: QTP Automation, Framework Designing, Selenium Automation 

Name: Elishat Enwer

Role: Senior Test Automation  Engineer (remote)

Expert Area: QTP Automation, Framework Design, Selenium Automation

Quality Center

Name: Faruk Mehmet

Role: Senior Test Automation Engineer (remote) 

Expert Are: QTP Automation,Framework Design ,Selenium Automation

Quality Center


Name: Kuzaat

Role: Senior Test Automation Engineer 

Expert Are: QTP Automation,Framework Design,Selenium Automation

Quality Center

Name: Hidayet Zaydun

Role: Automation Developer

Expert Area: System Design,Test Design ,Selenium Automation in Java