Selenium WebDriver Java Framework Course Limited Time Offer for $20

Selenium WebDriver Java Framework Course Limited Time Offer for $20



What is Selenium Test

Selenium is an open source web test automation tool used for automating web based application tests. It has several components:

  • Selenium IDE(a Firefox plug-in used for recording and playing back test application)
  • Selenium RC (Selenium Server to launch and interact with web browsers)
  • Selenium Client Driver (Selenium API, which can be used with many languages)
  • Selenium Grid (Selenium Hub to launch multiple tests at the same time)
  • Selenium WebDriverBackedSelenium (used to run Selenium RC applications with Selenium Web Driver

Selenium Features:

  • Works anywhere Javascript is supported
  • Hooks with many other languages: Java, .Net, Ruby, Python
  • Can simulate a user navigation through pages and web elements
  • Verifies and asserts information on the web page
  • Actual script is HTML based, so easy to learn and use it right away
  • Can create a test suite that includes multiple test cases
  • Can run the test suite with Selenium IDE or Selenium command line
  • Selenium API can support multiple browsers, so application browser compatibility can be tested easily.
  • Selenium IDE contains rich commands to use when recording and playing back test applications.
  • Selenium mobile device api can test mobile application.