Selenium WebDriver Java Framework Course Limited Time Offer for $20

Selenium WebDriver Java Framework Course Limited Time Offer for $20



How to Identify Mobile Web Application Elements for Selendroid

When using Selendroid to test mobile web application on mobile devices or mobile simulators, identifying web elements are very important. Without correct element identification, Selendroid mobile web driver cannot find elements in the test automation application. This article shows you how to use Safari User Agent to view mobile web application and identify web elements by using web elements inspector.

Test Case: verify that users are able to search merchandise on Ebay mobile web site.

Step 1: navigate to

Step 2: type in android in the search box

Step 3: click on search button or press enter.

Step 4: assert that the website returns  number of android merchandises. 

Element Identification

1. Open Safari browser and type in "". Since there is no User Agent defined on Safari Browser, this site navigates to desktop version of Ebay site. 


2. Press "Alt +F" button to fire up the menu, choose Develop ->User Agent->Safari iOS 4.3.3 - iPhone; this site navigates to Ebay mobile site. 

3. Right click on the search box and choose "Inspect Element". 

4. In the Elements section, you can find the element identification that you will be using in the test. For example:

Search text box:  id="kw" or name="kw".

Search button:  span.srchBtnLg


Watch the full video here