Selenium WebDriver Java Framework Course Limited Time Offer for $20

Selenium WebDriver Java Framework Course Limited Time Offer for $20



Selenium Robot Framework Introduction

Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development (ATDD). It has easy-to-use tabular test data syntax and it utilizes the keyword-driven testing approach. Its testing capabilities can be extended by test libraries implemented either with Python or Java, and users can create new higher-level keywords from existing ones using the same syntax that is used for creating test cases. (Source:


Robot framework project is hosted on Google code, where users can find technical documentation and source code. Robot framework Python language bindings are hosted at Pypi

Robot framework has following features:

  • Framework architecture is clear. Robot Framework has a modular architecture that can be extended with bundled and self-made test libraries.
  • Framework is easy. When test execution is started, the framework first parses the test data, and then it utilizes keywords provided by the test libraries to interact with the system under test. 
  • Framework test result is user friendly. Test execution is started from the command line. As a result, users get report and log in HTML format as well as XML output. 
  • Framework is modular as listed below: 
  1. Test Date (test data is defined in files using robot framework syntax)
  2. Robot Framework ( framework application)
  3. Test Libraries (robot framework has common libraries , see the link
  4. System Under Test (this is the test application) 

Selenium Robot Framework is using Selenium2Library for Selenium 2 Web Driver or SeleniumLibrary for Selenium Remote Controller API with robot framework. For details, visit the link

Robot Framework and Selenium libraries are open source, so users can use it without any additional cost. 

Selenium Master will guide you how to use Selenium2Library with robot framework to complete test automation of your application under test.