Selenium WebDriver Java Framework Course Limited Time Offer for $20

Selenium WebDriver Java Framework Course Limited Time Offer for $20



Test Java for Selenium WebDriver

To setup and configure Selenium WebDriver with Eclipse and Java, user should download and install Java on the computer where the test application will be running.

You need to install JDK (Java development kit) in your system.

Generally speaking, Java is used by many applications, so it may have been installed on the PC. Before installing Java, users can check if Java has been installed on the computer.

Step 1: Navigate to Google site on Firefox and search for "Java Tester".

Step 2: In the search result, click on the test applet - Java link (this is an official Java site to test Java version on your PC).

Step 3: Click on the Verify Java Version button on the page.


Step 4: System will ask you "Do you want to run this application". Click on the run button.

Step 5: If Java has already been installed on your PC, system will display its version. In the screenshot below, Java version 7 update 45 has been installed on the PC. If Java is not detected, system will display "no Java installed" message.

If Java has not been installed, you can install Java at this location.

Step 6: You can also confirm Java version by using Windows command console. Open the command console by typing "cmd" command in the Run program and then in the console, enter "java -version". The console will display the version of java.